Hey God – the paperback


Kya’s first book is available here.



God – one tiny word with many definitions. By unpacking and exploring the different meanings of the word, we can begin to understand why humanity has argued over this subject for ages. Once our conflicting ideas about God have been addressed, we can begin to see the many ways in which religious confusion encouraged our ancestors to create systems that have made our modern lives unnecessarily hard.

With better insights into what God is (and isn’t), the author offers us an updated, simplified take on “commandments” for living a better, easier life. With new parables and terms for the various aspects of divinity, we can look at our spiritual identities and journeys of faith in entirely new ways. The section on communication, for example, breaks the subject down in multiple ways offering simple yet effective ways to improve our relationships with others. Several exercises, including meditations, affirmations, and both light work and shadow work routines, make this book a tool for people at every level of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

This book is short, considering the massive size of the subjects it addresses, but this makes it both powerful and memorable. Reading only the first chapter will forever change the way we see God, our lives, and humanity as a whole.


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