Blessings Hey God - The book

Hey God, Why Is Life So Hard? An Atheist asks, God answers – my first book!

I submitted my print draft to the publisher and uploaded the Kindle version this evening. After nearly 5 long years, my book is almost in my hands!

I wanted input. I wanted editing. I wanted guidance, but every message I got told me to do this on my own. It means I know it was exactly the book I wanted and needed to write. It also means that I have no sense which way the wind will blow when people actually read it.

The paperback is frilly and messy and purple and tiny, kind of like me. The Kindle version is fairly refined in comparison. Same words, different formats, different reader experiences – I imagine.

I know this is the start of something big. A bigger me, if nothing else.

The current release date is April 22nd (the 50th anniversary of Earth Day).

If you want to read and review, LET’S TALK!

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